Monalinda 20% VitaminC Professional Serum

Monalinda 20% VitaminC Professional Serum


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Product Description

Monalinda Serum is our flagship product. It contains 20% Stabilized VitaminC, Kojic Acid, active peptides from New Zealand Ovine Placenta and New Zealand Kawakawa Extract, renowned for its healing properties. These are combined with Rose Water to provide uplift for your skin hydration. In addition New Zealand Avocado Oil in the Monalinda Serum provides you with the right amount of natural VitaminE to fight signs of aging. Recommend that you use the Monalinda 10% Stabilised VitaminC Serum first before using this stronger Serum.

Key Benefits

The Serum fills fine lines and wrinkles, instantly firming your skin. This is the serum to fight with gravity, it provide you a velvety smooth radiance skin, The truely ultimate rejuvenating skincare.

Key Ingredients

New Zealand Ovine Placenta

20% Stabilised VitaminC

Kojic Acid

Kawakawa Extract

Rose Water

Avocado Oil

How To Use

For better result, apply morning and night. After cleansing the skin, dispense serum into palm and gently massage on skin until absorbed. Optimal results obtained with 4 times daily application. Sun protection is strongly recommended. We suggest to progress from this entry Monalinda Serum to 10% VitaminC and then 20% VitaminC Monalinda Professional Serum.